From 27.07, a new Szczecinecki Rower application has been operating in Szczecinek. Download it from Google Play and the App Store and log in with your existing SWRM registration details
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City Bike

The Szczecinek City Bike has been operating in Szczecinek since 2018 as an important means of intermodal transport, which we have integrated with dynamic passenger information. The Szczecinek City Bike currently consists of 30 stations and 205 bicycles (including 5 tandems). This is the first such bicycle system in Poland, operated by a local carrier - Komunikacja Miejska Sp. z o. o. in Szczecinek. Over the years, the bicycle has become both a supplement and an alternative to traditional means of transport. We believe that thanks to the introduction of a new mobile application, touch screens in stations and a new version of the city bike software, residents and tourists will be even more willing to choose it both for recreational purposes and for everyday activities

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Szczecinecki Rower


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Step 1

Register on the website or in the Szczecinecki Rower w mobile application
Google Play, App Store

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Step 2

Top up your account in the Szczecinecki Rower mobile application or on the website

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Step 3

Launch the app and scan the QR code on the back of the bike. The electric lock in the station will open automatically

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Step 4

After the ride, take the bike to any station. The system will automatically recognize your return and settle the rental

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Table of Fees (price brutto)

One-time registration fee PLN 19


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From 0 to
20 minutes


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From 21 to
60 minutes*


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From 61 to
120 minutes*


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From 121 to
180 minutes*

Each subsequent hour* – PLN 3

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A completely changed application of the Szczecinek City Bike for your mobile device, which will make it easier for you to move around on the City Bike and conveniently choose the means of public transport in Szczecinek

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Download it from Google Play or AppStore - register, top up, locate stations, check the status of bikes at stations and account balance, book and rent as easily as possible - by scanning the QR code.

After the ride, rate your rental by giving it the appropriate number of stars.

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How it works?

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Quick Start

Quick start

  1. If you have an account in the existing application and the SWRM system, log in with your data and use the new Szczecinecki Rower mobile application or the touch screen at the bicycle station.
  2. Register via the Szczecinecki Rower mobile application or on the website. If you register via the mobile application, fill in all your data - they are necessary to top up your account. If you are registering via the website, click the activation link that you will receive in the registration e-mail.
  3. Log in to your account in the application or on the website and make a transfer of at least PLN 19 (having a balance of PLN 10 is the amount necessary to rent a bike. If the balance is lower - the rental will not be possible).
  4. You can rent a bike by scanning the QR code in the application located at the back of the bike standing in the station or through the touch screen in the station terminal
  5. You can return the bike by putting it in a selected position at one of the stations of the Szczecinek City Bike. Remember to insert the bike into the electric lock carefully. The system will automatically recognize the bike and it will be returned automatically. A message will appear on the screen, and a push notification about the correct return will be sent to your phone application. If the bike has not been returned - refresh your application (return sometimes takes up to 60 seconds).
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Bike rental

  1. Download the Szczecinecki Rower application from Google Play or AppStore, register and pay the registration fee - minimum PLN 19. You can also do it via the website
  2. 2.Select the Rent a bike option and scan the QR code on the back of the bike in the app. Wait about 3-5 seconds for the electric lock in the station to open. If you don't have the app, you can rent a bike via the touchscreen at the station
  3. Pull the selected bike from the station and enjoy riding the Szczecinek Rower. Note that you can also use the KM bus
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Bike return

  1. Put the bike in the selected position at any station of the Szczecinek City Bike by inserting the bike's docking handle into the electric lock. The system will automatically recognize the return of the bike and the message "Thank you for returning the bike" will appear on the screen
  2. When the station is full, leave the bike as close to the selected station as possible. The system will automatically recognize the return of the bike. If you make a return too far from the station, an additional fee of PLN 50 may be charged.
  3. When the station is full, use the combination lock, lock the bike to another bike in the station and return it using the Return option in the mobile application or the touchscreen in the terminal and follow the instructions on the screen


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